Make a Backup- Do it or Lose it
Always make a Backup of your computer

It is a Machine and it will either get a Virus or something that will erase or damage your information.

Your Hard Drive… which stores all your programs, files, emails and photos will also die one day. When this happens, EVERYTHING IS GONE. (Well there are Hard Drive Retrieval companies out there that will for a NICE FEE, Get Your Information back) But Why?

Just go Buy an External Hard Drive and use the Software that comes with it and have it back up your computer everyday. Set it and Forget it!!!!

Your Internet Provider may offer online storage, Check Your Account to see if it may be included. You may already be paying for it and not using it.

There are Companies that do Offer Online Backups and Storage for your Computer.

ADriveĀ  50GB storage Free
$29 a Year Unlimited Storage
Dropbox Up to 2GB Free Storage.
SugarSync Up to 5GB Free Plan

Amazon Cloud Drive 5GB Free

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