Windows 8.1 The How TO

Getting started tutorials for Windows

New to Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1?

You’re at the right place. Whether you’re brand new to Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, or just want a refresher, these 10 tutorials will show you the basics.

1. Getting online

Checking email, visiting your favorite sites, commenting on friends’ status updates—many things you do with your PC depend on an Internet connection. Find out how to go online and how to help protect your info when on a public network.

2. Microsoft account

Sign in to your PC with a Microsoft account and you’re automatically signed in to the Windows Store, your mail, social networking sites, and more. Make sure you have one, and find out how to set up accounts for other people who use your PC.

Finding your way around

3. All about Start

The Start screen is the starting point for everything you do with your PC. You can think of it like the Start menu you’re used to, but now it’s full-screen, and you can personalize it with your apps, friends, and photos.

4. Getting around your PC

Learn the essentials about navigating your PC, including how to get back to Start, switch between apps, and use apps side by side. Be more efficient with touch or a mouse and keyboard, and learn the top keyboard shortcuts.

5. Search, share, print and more

No matter where you are on your PC, you can use the charms to perform basic actions. See how to search the web and your PC, share content like photos or websites, go back to Start, print and use other devices, and change settings.

6. Getting and using apps

Search or browse the Windows Store to find the apps you want. There are lots to choose from, and many are free or offer free trials. Also find out how to use apps, change their settings, and close an app.

Getting things done

7. Set up email

You can use the Mail app on your PC or from any browser to read, reply, and keep all of your inboxes organized. Find out how to set them up and add your accounts. Or, try the Outlook desktop app. It’s free with Windows RT 8.1.

8. Browse the web

Visit your favorite sites with the latest version of Internet Explorer. Get the basics of browsing, and learn about the new features, too. Get tips on how to get to your favorite sites faster, and how to use Reading view to get rid of those annoying ads.

9. SkyDrive

Now there are two ways to save your files from Windows: you can save files to your PC, or to your online cloud storage on SkyDrive. When you save to SkyDrive, your files are available on all your devices, so they’re always with you. Sharing and collaborating is easier too.

10. Personalize your PC

Add your personal touch to your PC with your favorite photos, colors, and backgrounds. Put your best face forward with a new account picture. And find out how to set up a picture password so you can sign in to your PC with your favorite photo instead of a hard-to-remember password.


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