Your Computer’s Insides are DUSTY-Get Canned Air

So Your Computer is really running S L O W or Acting really weird Lately.
It could just be a simple problem of DUST Buildup inside the computer.
When was the Last time You Opened up Your Computer? Probably Never..

Well Time for you to get some 101 on Computer Geekdom. You can do this!

Get a Can Of Air (No Your Blow Dryer is Not Strong Enough)
A Yard Blower will do, as this is the Red Neck Way of Cleaning out Your Computer.

Unplug Your computer and all those connections in the back.
Take Your Computer either Outside or in a place you don’t care about blowing all that Dust around.
Open the Case
Do Not Touch Any of the Parts Inside, Just Use the Can of Air to remove the Dust.
Make sure you clean Inside and Outside.
Once you have all the Dust Cleared
Close the Case Back Up
Hook all those Wires back on the back of the Computer.
What?? You Don’t know How?
They are Color Coded and also only go in One Way.
Comon’ Give it the Ol’ College Try.

If You have Completed this Successfully, You Just Saved Yourself $25-$50
If You have NO CLUE and Don’t Want to Deal With This, Pay Your Local Geek to do this for You

~This is Merely a Suggestion on How To,
IF You Break Your Computer, We will not be held Liable.
Please Be Careful when Working On Your Computer.
If Unsure.. Always Consult a Professional.

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