Erase and Restore

You’ve tried System Restore and your computer still runs crappy.
Next Step Erase and Restore.
Please go through and read/print the steps First for reference.

Before you begin this task.
Reminder: once you do this everything on your computer will be GONE.
So as stated previously in another blog.. BACKUP Your Files!!!

Gather up your Windows Restore CD’s and locate Your Serial Number.
If you don’t know your Serial Number, try using MagicalJellyBean

Next step is to get into the BIOS so Your computer will boot off the Restore CD.
Our Friends at Cyberwalker can help you with this one.

Once you have your computer set to Boot from your Restore disk,
You must now Consult with THE ELDER GEEK

After you have a clean install, you can now reinstall your Printer, Camera, PDA,
and all the little programs that you just have to have in your computer arsenal.

Congratz on your next step to Geekdom, we just thought U Ought To Know!


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